2nd conversation

present: Carol, Kathleen, Marie, Natalie

What is the In search of a feminist archive: a movement’s archive about?

it’s a matter of personal curiosity, necessity, a big need, urge, a hunger to point our sight on women’s pictures, stories

a big question as dancers: how do I, we use my female body?
I was at a show and there were only men on stage, only men I went BZZZ
but there’s this woman voice, but you don’t see a woman anywhere – in the audience

What is this fantasia?
I can feel this male sight watching me from the inside: where am I, where are these things coming from?

I’m a very imagetic person
this is how i improvise

some images are automatic, I cannot avoid them I don’t want it, but I already did

how can I choose better?

Dance was always a way to watch women in a way that wasn’t allowed this eroticism, this sensitivity was pushed out of society

I’ve become more and more sensitive
to topics like sexism and anti-feminism

archiving to become more and more sensitive, becoming more and more vulnerable to hurt, but also like peeling a skin off
I was always splitted in two between what I considered male and what I considered female

I’m hoping for more confusion, good confusion

maybe other ways to access my body

new expressions
observing how I can open new doors by confronting myself with these images
something like: everybody on the same page, all women in one room and we see where we go…

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